Business Development Workshops

Just Enterprise offers a range of business development workshops on crucial aspects of social enterprise activity. Aimed at employees and members of existing enterprising third sector organisations, the majority of these events are free to attend and are scheduled in response to demand for specific themes and topics:

An introduction to Business Planning

"If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time" wrote Zig Ziglar, yet this sentiment is often ignored in business.

This introductory, fully interactive business planning workshop covers the stages involved in developing a business plan, as well as the tools and techniques that can be used to gather and assess information. Allowing participants to share knowledge, experience and ideas it is a must attend for those who are serious about growing an enterprise.

If an organisation doesn't know where it's going then the chances are it will probably end up somewhere else. A structured business plan acts as a bridge between your organisation as it is today and its vision for tomorrow. This introductory workshop covers the 4 key stages involved in the business planning process:

  • Where your organisation is now
  • Where it wants to be
  • What needs to be done
  • How to know when it has got there

The workshop covers the tools and techniques that can be used to gather and assess information, development of your organisation's strategic vision, mission and aims and the format of the plan itself. The session is fully interactive allowing participants to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at managers & staff of third sector organisations who have limited previous knowledge/experience of strategic business planning.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of the structured business planning process will help delegates to review their current strategy and begin to plan how they want to deliver their services in the future.

BOOK HERE for Business Planning:

New dates coming soon!

Charitable Trading & The Law

With around 24,000 charities in Scotland, many of whom face ongoing financial pressures, charitable trading has never been more important. But how many know how to do this effectively and legitimately within the existing tax framework?

Who should attend?

This half day seminar looks broadly at the legal framework for charitable trading and identifies the rules surrounding this in relation to tax.

With plenty of time for questions this really is an event that you should not miss if you are a social enterprise wanting to minimise your tax burden and maximise your trading income.

BOOK HERE for Charitable Trading:

New dates coming soon!

Introduction to Marketing Communications

The notion of ‘build it, and they will come’ frequently leaves many Third Sector organisations with a great product or service, and the potential to fulfil a valuable social purpose, but with a distinct shortage of customers or service users.

More than just a cost, marketing communication activities are an investment in achieving tangible outcomes for an organisation. In order to achieve these, it has to be viewed as more than putting all the eggs in the one (website) basket, sending innumerable emails rather than lifting the phone to a real person, or placing an annual ad that no-one seems to read.

This half-day workshop focuses on marketing communications (promotion) as a key element of the ‘marketing mix’. It explores the fit and contribution of marketing communications to overall business strategy, introduces a generic marketing communication process, describes the key components of a marketing communications strategy, and considers a range of communication tools and techniques available to marketers.

Who Should Attend

Those who are responsible for marketing and promotional activities, as part of a wider role, but do not have specialist knowledge in this field.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise the link between business, marketing and marketing communications strategy
  • Understand how the marketing communication process is the link between how customers buy and how organisations sell
  • Apply a framework for producing a marketing communications strategy
  • Recognise the value of a range of marketing communication tools and techniques

The workshop will be a combination of presentation, discussion and small-group activity. Workshop slides will be made available electronically in the week following the workshop.

Please Note: this workshop focuses on strategic aspects of marketing communication and not the operational aspects (e.g. website design and build, copywriting, practical use of social media).

BOOK HERE for Marketing Communications:

New dates coming soon!

Market Research: A Beginners Guide

This full day workshop is designed to provide delegates with an introduction to market research including:

  • What is market research and why do we do it?
  • Different approaches and tools
  • Tips and techniques
  • Working with external researchers

The workshop will combine presentation with small-group discussion of research issues facing some of the participants and a social enterprise case study exercise related to market research planning.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at non-research practitioners but who may need to undertake basic market research within their role. This could be in relation to business planning and management, funding applications or assessing the demand for new products and services

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain an improved knowledge and understanding of the research process that they can use in their workplace to plan and deliver their own research project or help them manage the work of external researchers.

BOOK HERE for An Introduction to Market Research:

New dates coming soon!

An Introduction to Selling for Social Enterprise

The workshop covers the fundamentals of selling: from preparation to questioning styles, objection handling, and how to develop a consultative approach to selling. The course will discuss the sales process where behaviour is guided towards a desired outcome, culminating in the purchase of a product or service positioned in relation to the needs of the buyer.

The focus will be on the customer. This is a needs / satisfaction based course giving a positive answer to the question: "what's in it for me?"

Who should attend?

This full day introductory workshop is ideal for those responsible for generating income on a day-to-day basis or for organisations who must now adapt to the "new economy". Whether in Retail, the Arts, or business start-up, we provide the foundations for successful conversion.

Learning Outcomes:

The course covers the following learning outcomes:

  • Understanding customer needs and motivations for purchase
  • Defining the 7 step sales process
  • How to control the momentum and content of a conversation
  • Learn the art of active listening and when to recognise buying signals
  • How and when to present solutions
  • Overcome customer objections
  • Identify when to close the sale and employ closing techniques
  • Measuring and reviewing performance

Many who have attended the course have felt the questioning techniques are useful for developing the skills of more general staff but the emphasis will remain on achieving objective based outcomes.

Those who attend may also benefit from the course on Negotiation for Beginners.

BOOK HERE for An Introduction to Selling:

New dates coming soon!

Negotiation Techniques for Beginners

Whether dealing with customers, suppliers, contractors, colleagues or Board Members, good negotiating skills are crucial to obtaining acceptance of your ideas or agreeing to contract terms.

This beginner's course increases your chances of achieving 'yes' on terms more favourable to you! We review the psychology behind the process and discuss how to take control of the meeting and end deadlock.

The workshop will cover the following key areas:

  • Defining the Negotiation Environment
  • Negotiating styles and dealing with tough negotiators
  • The stages of negotiation
  • Conflict resolution and overcoming deadlock
  • Body language and how to read it

Who should attend?

This course is designed for staff responsible for obtaining resources from Board Members or who negotiate agreements which affect the bottom line.

Learning Outcomes

An increased understanding of the negotiation process will ensure a more structured approach to your business meeting, enable you to take control and engineer more profitable outcomes.

BOOK HERE for Negotiation Techniques:

New dates coming soon!

Social Impact Measurement

In a time of decreased funding and resources it is vital that your organisation can prove its social impact and the value it adds to society. This full day workshop provides an overview of social impact measurement and associated tools and techniques, including:

  • Social Accounting and Audit
  • Social Return on Investment
  • Other recent developments and methodologies

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at anyone interested in proving the value of their organisation's work. It is of particular benefit to organisations tendering for contracts or applying for funding.

Learning Outcomes

The workshop enables learners to explore why and how they should measure their organisation's social impact and how to incorporate this into their business plan.

BOOK HERE for Social Impact Measurement:

New dates coming soon!

Exploring Legal Structures

This half day seminar is intended as an introduction to the range of legal structures currently available for the Third Sector, including the traditional ones of Company Limited by Guarantee and Development Trusts, and the newer Community Interest Company (CIC), and Scottish Charitable Incorporated Company (SCIO) structures.

The seminar will also cover issues around Charitable Status, setting up a trading subsidiary, what is a Trustee, and roles and responsibilities for Directors.

Who should attend?

This event is aimed at anyone interested in learning about the variety of legal structures available to social enterprise organisations.

Learning Outcomes

The seminar will provide delegates with a clear overview of the current landscape.

BOOK HERE for Legal Structures:

New dates coming soon!

Costing & Pricing

This is a full day participative workshop, split into a morning session on Costing with the afternoon on pricing

One of the most important issues for an organisation is to determine the cost of the services/products you provide. In order to recover your costs and pitch services/selling prices at the right level it is essential to have accurate knowledge of what your service actually costs. This workshop explains how you can accurately cost your services on a full cost recovery basis. Using recognised techniques, the workshop uses "live" data from an organisation that delivers four separate services and demonstrates how to reallocate all central and administration costs to each service.

An afternoon session on Pricing

Do you know how to set prices for the services/products your organisation provides? Are you leaving additional earnings on the table when you pitch your prices or are you not sure? This workshop will show you how to price your services and explains a variety of techniques used in product pricing.

This is a practical workshop requiring delegates to bring along a calculator and writing materials.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at individuals within third sector organisations who have budgetary responsibility.

*Please note that the content of this workshop is covered during Day 2 of the "Finance for Practitioners" course which is also offered via the Just Enterprise programme.

Learning Outcomes

This practical course will teach delegates the specific skills to accurately determine the cost of the products/services their organisation offers and how to set appropriate pricing.

BOOK HERE for Costing & Pricing:

New dates coming soon!

Demystifying the Web

Ever wanted to know how the web works and how to get more from it? Today's economic climate is forcing social enterprises to become less grant dependent and more self-reliant so making your website work harder makes economic sense.

Who should attend?

This full day workshop is targeted at those enterprising third sector organisations that are either embarking on digital marketing for the first time or who want to get more from their existing efforts.

Attendees may include:

Decision Makers: Are you the line manager of those responsible for the website? If you are required to take decisions on the allocation of resource then you need to know more about the art of the possible.

Staff & Volunteers: Those charged with active maintenance and development of the web channel yet are not experts in the field

Learning Outcomes

This course offers an introductory guide to those who are new to or are in some way responsible for the delivery of the digital channel. You may currently feel intimidated and are avoiding the challenge or you might simply want to know more to provide a better performance. Delivered in a friendly, non-technical and informal style, the workshop explores the following key areas:

  • Understand how the web channel works and why it has changed marketing forever
  • What people see when visiting your website
  • What free resources are there available
  • Why email marketing?
  • Why, when, and how to blog
  • How to assess whether social media is right for you
  • Is my social enterprise now an online model?

BOOK HERE for De-mystifying the Web:

New dates coming soon!

Introduction to Writing for the Web

There are now an estimated 700m websites with over 5,000 new web pages being created every second. The challenge for every website is first to be found and secondly to be read. Failure in either undermines visitor numbers and the level of enquiries received.

Copywriting for the web is different to writing hardcopy. This course will improve your understanding of not just "how" but "why" formatting for the web has such a crucial impact on your organisation’s on-line performance. It reveals what the human eye sees and how you can ensure visitors read more and investigate further.

Key Learning topics:

In "Writing for the Web" we disclose the secrets to:

  • Improving your search engine rankings
  • Deciding how much copy to write
  • Formatting articles to engineer whats read
  • Finding keywords people search on and where to place them on the page
  • Writing email headlines that people open
  • Writing for Google Adwords
  • Writing effective Facebook and Twitter posts

Delegates attending this course will never look at a website in the same way again.

Who should attend?

This extended full day workshop combines presentation with interactive activities and is ideal for any manager or staff member who has an influence over the final performance of their organisations on-line channel. Whether you critically appraise the writing of in-house colleagues or do it yourself, this course is for you.

Although the course is aimed at beginners some content does require the delegate to have a technical interest.

PLEASE NOTE : All delegates will be required to bring a laptop to participate in course exercises.

BOOK HERE for Introduction to Writing for the Web:

New dates coming soon!

Introduction to Web Design

This foundation-level course is designed to introduce web design at a high level. Non-technical, we take you through the basics and highlight the "must haves" together with the pitfalls to avoid.

Who should attend?

This half day workshop is aimed at non-technical people who have an influence over their organisation's website content and/or update it as part of their daily duties. It will be of particular interest to those who are considering or about to embark upong a website re-design. The course does not cover technical issues such as cascading style sheets, forms or authorising tools.

Key Learning topics:

  • What are the aims of a website?
  • What people see when they visit
  • What makes a good web design?
  • Why use search engine optimisation (SEO) and how to find keywords people search on
  • What is content marketing and why do you need it?
  • Wireframes - Free tools to assist in design
  • How to run a usability study
  • How to measure the performance of your website

BOOK HERE for Introduction to Web Design:

New dates coming soon!

Equalities Groups: Understanding Social Enterprise

Specifically tailored for equalities groups, this workshop takes into account both the changing landscape of the voluntary/ third sector and the potential and aspirations of ethnic minority and equalities voluntary/ third sector organisations in Scotland.

Attendance at this workshop will help participants to explore and identify enterprising opportunities within existing voluntary organisations; many of which are already trading but have not yet identified and formalised this activity as "social enterprise".

The session will include:

  • An introduction to Social Enterprise
  • Understanding social enterprise, structures and the current landscape
  • Exploring case studies
  • Identifying enterprising opportunities
  • An overview of Just Enterprise Support and learning

Who should attend?

Existing Equalities organisations: Ethnic Minorities Voluntary groups, charities and social enterprises who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of social enterprise, identify opportunities for income generation or to formalise their enterprise activities.

Learning Outcomes

  • A better understanding of Social Enterprise
  • An understanding of legal structures and goverenance
  • Inspiration from other successful enterprising organisations
  • Knowledge of and access to Just Enterprise business and learning support for equalities groups

BOOK HERE for Equalities Groups : Understanding Social Enterprise:

New dates coming soon!

Financial Management Training

This series of training courses is intended to significantly increase the ability of boards and practitioners to make valued and informed decisions relating to the financial management of Third Sector organisations. Courses will be delivered at a number of locations across Scotland and are of a participative nature. Access to these events is free of charge for eligible individuals and organisations.

Finance Training for Staff & Board Members

  • This full day participative course covers a range of items including:
  • Finance Terminology - The basics and what they mean
  • Office Bearer/Trustee Responsibilities - a simple view to help you understand the "jargon" and what it means to you
  • Statutory Reporting - A brief look at why it is important to you
  • Understanding and Interpretation of Accounts - How to read them and the important areas to look at
  • Management Accounts - What they are and how to use them
  • Cash Control - How to do it and what to look out for - a bank reconciliation exercise is included in the course for delegates to complete

This is a practical course and delegates will be required to bring along a calculator and writing materials.

Who should attend?

The workshop has been designed specifically for those staff and board members of third sector organisations who have limited knowledge of finance. This includes those who are tasked with reviewing financial performance on a regular basis.

Learning Outcomes

On completion, delegates will have an improved understanding of the basics of accounting in order that they can feel more confident and enhance the contribution they make to their organisation.

Budgeting for your Organisation and for Funding Applications

This is a full day participative course on budgeting. All course materials including linked spreadsheets will be made available to delegates following attendance at the course. Course contents include:

  • How to construct an Income & Expenditure Budget
  • How to construct a cash flow budget
  • How to adapt these models to show funders why you need their intervention and the financial effect it will have on your organisation
  • This is a practical course and delegates will be required to bring along a calculator and writing materials. Constructing a budget for Income & Expenditure and for cash flow is also covered in our 2-day Finance for Practitioners course.

Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at individuals who are involved in the budgeting process within their organisation.

Learning Outcomes

On completion, delegates will have the tools to complete a simple budget for their organisation and the knowledge of how to adapt it for funding applications.

BOOK HERE for Budgeting for Your Organisation and Funding Applications:

New dates coming soon!

Finance for Practitioners

This 2 day course is designed around practical financial solutions that can be employed in any organisation. Subjects covered will include:

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Controls
  • Constructing an annual Profit & Loss Budget
  • Constructing an annual Cash Flow Budget
  • Costing & Pricing
  • Financial Ratios
  • This is a practical course and delegates will be required to bring along a calculator and writing materials.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at individuals within third sector organisations who have budgetary responsibility and/or whose everyday duties include finance.

*Please note that day two of this course contains material covered by the separate "Costing & Pricing" workshop also offered via the Just Enterprise programme.

Learning Outcomes

This course will teach delegates specific financial accounting skills to improve their knowledge of the subject and the standard of reporting in their organisation.

BOOK HERE for Finance for Practitioners (2 day course):

Location Date Time Apply Here
Carers Centre, Seagate, Dundee Wed 1st & Wed 8th Mar 2017
9:30am to 4:00pm Apply Here
Renfield Centre, Glasgow Wed 22nd & Wed 29th Mar 2017
9:30am to 4:00pm Apply Here

An Introduction to Tendering

The Just Enterprise programme of tendering workshops has been designed to provide practical support for enterprising third sector organisations who want to respond to public sector tender opportunities. Facilitated by procurement experts, with contribution from buyers, the workshops are offered to at no cost to those attending.

An Introduction to Tendering

Who should attend?

This one day workshop is aimed at third sector organisations with little or no knowledge of public sector tendering and who want to understand the principles and processes involved.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain an understanding of public sector procurement and the tendering process, specifically:

  • Understanding the terminology
  • Where to find opportunities - including an overview of Public Contracts Scotland
  • Legal considerations and the rules surrounding tendering
  • How to get ready to tender
  • How buyers evaluate bids
  • Top Tips for writing a good tender

BOOK HERE for An Introduction to Tendering:

New dates coming soon!

Tendering for Practitioners

Who should attend?

This two day workshop is aimed at third sector organisations who want to improve their success rate at tendering for public sector contracts. Participants on the course would be expected to have had some prior experience of the tendering process.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain an increased understanding of Public Contracts Scotland as well as learning techniques to write effective tenders and to maximise quality scores, specifically:

  • The procurement landscape : "Who buys what"
  • Getting the most out of Public Contracts Scotland including quick quote and the supplier profile
  • Promoting your organisation
  • Legal considerations and how this affects the way tenders are written
  • Collaborative models and tendering
  • Presenting policies and quality standards
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Writing effective method statements
  • Presenting professional tenders
  • Evaluation and award
  • How to respond to Community Benefit Clauses
  • The "bid – no bid" decision
  • Obtaining feedback from the buyer

BOOK HERE for Tendering for Practitioners (2 day course):

Location Date Time Apply Here
Grassmarket Centre, Edinburgh Tues 25th Apr & Tues 2nd May 2017
9:30am to 4:00pm Apply Here

Costing to Tender for Public Contracts

Who should attend?

This one day workshop is aimed at third sector organisations with little or no knowledge of public sector contracting and who want to understand the principles of costing a service and preparing a tender.

Learning Outcomes:

Through a mixture of presentation, discussion and practical exercises, participants will gain an understanding of public sector procurement, the tendering process and how to apply full cost recovery. Specifically, the workshop will cover:

  • The nature of different types of cost
  • How to calculate the cost of services using full cost recovery
  • Tendering processes and terminology
  • Where to find opportunities - including an overview of Public Contracts Scotland
  • Legal considerations and the rules surrounding tendering
  • How to get ready to tender
  • How buyers evaluate bids
  • Top Tips for writing a good tender

BOOK HERE for Costing to Tender for Public Contracts:

New dates coming soon!

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