Bridging the skills gap through the Just Enterprise programme

Passion and commitment are the cornerstones to every successful enterprise but despite the obvious desire, on it's own a business will only go so far. That's where the Scottish Government's Just Enterprise programme comes in. Just Enterprise provides Business Support across Scotland for existing Third Sector organisations with the aim to help them become more enterprising and sustainable.

Support tailored to your needs

Each assignment is tailored to the needs of the client with priorities agreed at the application stage with a Client Manager. The process is generally inclusive with the adviser engaging with the Board, senior management and staff. Specialist advice is varied and includes business planning, marketing, financial management, and social media development, legal structures, increasing board capacity and the costing & pricing of services.

What can Business Support do for me?

The programme is open to all enterprising third Sector organisations looking to grow through sustainable activities. This includes developing new or existing projects, promoting new activities or innovative services, improving operational efficiency or by strengthening the infrastructure of the business.

To meet the application criteria, organisations must have an existing third sector legal structure and demonstrate clear social aims that reflect their values as a social enterprise. You must also be able to show how you plan to be more enterprising to grow a sustainable business. Read our case studies.

Throughout the process the empowered customer is always in control.

The time for action is now!

Our advisers can help deliver your vision. Apply for business support now and together we can begin the process of building your Social Enterprise.

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