Enterprise begins with Leadership

We all know having the necessary business skills is critical to achieving long term sustainability, but how many of us possess the natural leadership to inspire our team to share a vision of success yet to come? Creating a successful business is a combination of commitment, confidence, communication and an honest ability to understand ourselves.

The Just Enterprise Leadership programmes are designed to develop individuals into effective leaders and build leadership and management skills which can be applied to real life situations. Workshops mirror the challenges faced when leading a new social enterprise start-up and through to senior managers tasked with growing a sustainable business.

What will I learn?

Just Enterprise Leadership programmes link the theoretical elements of leadership, communication, roles, and responsibilities to the everyday practice of social entrepreneurs and managers.

Concentrating on peer support and learning techniques, the programmes help learners identify key areas to develop skills, experience and confidence to lead a team and focus on organisational growth.

What will Just Enterprise Leadership programmes do for me?

By using a reflective and practical approach, we have witnessed individuals engage other business support services more confidently and become better placed to maximise support opportunities.

What past delegates have said after attending our programmes

"I’m excited and re-energised and re-motivated to achieve the things I now know I want" - Leading Growth for Aspiring Leaders

"A journey of self-discovery" -New Start Leadership

"I’m better as a manager, more useful to my fellow managers and more focused as a leader" - Leading Growth for Senior Managers

"Superb stuff – well paced, participative, fun!" - Pre Start Leadership

"THE best course I have ever been on outside of my university degree" - Leading Growth for Senior Leaders

What action do I take?

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