Training workshops for all levels of the organisation

Designed specifically for a third sector audience, Just Enterprise Learning Services increase the business and leadership skills of those employed within the sector. We offer a wide a range of Start Up Workshops , Business Development Workshops and Leadership Programmes for both social entrepreneurs, leaders, and staff of existing social enterprise organisations.


Event Date Location Details
Intro to Selling Wednesday 25 October 2017 Inverness Course Details
Finance for Practitioners Wed 25th Oct & Wed 1st Nov 2017
Edinburgh Course Details
Pre-start Leadership Tuesday 31 October 2017 Aberdeen Course Details
Senior Leaders Module 1: 31st Oct & 1st Nov 2017
Module 2: 7th & 8th Dec 2017
Module 3: 11th & 12th Jan 2018
Module 4: 8th & 9th Feb 2018
Module 5: 8th & 9th Mar 2018
Module 6: 19th & 20th Apr 2018
Edinburgh Course Details
Tendering : Introductory Thursday 2 November 2017 Inverness Course Details
Equalities Groups Saturday 4 November 2017 Edinburgh Course Details
Negotiation Skills Wednesday 8 November 2017 Falkirk Course Details
Equalities Groups Thursday 9 November 2017 Glasgow Course Details
Budgeting Thursday 9 November 2017 Aberdeen Course Details
Developing Social Entrepreneurs Module 1: 13th & 14th Nov 2017
Module 2: 11th & 12th Dec 2017
Module 3: 15th & 16th Jan 2018
Module 4: 19th & 20th Feb 2018
Module 5: 26th & 27th Mar 2018
Glasgow Course Details
Aspiring Leaders Module 1: 15th & 16th Nov 2017
Module 2: 14th & 15th Dec 2017
Module 3: 25th & 26th Jan 2018
Elgin Course Details
Business Planning Wednesday 15 November 2017 Oban Course Details
Introduction to Writing for the Web Wednesday 15 November 2017 Edinburgh Course Details
Marketing Communications Thursday 16 November 2017 Hamilton Course Details
Senior Leaders Module 1: 22nd & 23rd Nov 2017
Module 2: 19th & 20th Dec 2017
Module 3: 17th & 18th Jan 2018
Module 4: 21st & 22nd Feb 2018
Module 5: 21st & 22nd Mar 2018
Module 6: 18th & 19th Apr 2018
Glasgow Course Details
Tendering : Introductory Wednesday 22 November 2017 Lochgelly Course Details
Social Impact Measurement (Intro) Thursday 23 November 2017 Borders Course Details
Pre-start Leadership Tuesday 28 November 2017 Clydebank Course Details
Budgeting Tuesday 28 November 2017 Alloa Course Details
Intro to Selling Tuesday 5 December 2017 Paisley Course Details
Market Research Thursday 7 December 2017 Glasgow Course Details
Costing & Pricing Monday 11 December 2017 Dundee Course Details

Learn business basics at our Start-up workshops

The Just Enterprise start up workshops help budding social entrepreneurs to learn all the basics of setting up a social enterprise: from branding and marketing to business planning. Workshops help participants develop a robust business proposition, whilst addressing a social or environmental need in their community.

Find out more about our start-up workshops and pre and new start-up leadership programmes and learn the skills applying to all organisations.

Business Development workshops for all levels of staff

Just Enterprise offers specialist business development workshops on a full range of business skills. Our programme includes training on ,business planning ,Market research ,finance training ,procurement training ,Introduction to Selling ,Negotiation Techniques for Beginners ,Social Impact Measurement ,Legal structures ,Costing and Pricing ,Demystifying the Web .

So whether you want a better understanding of the relationship between costing and pricing or simply wish to make your website work harder there is likely to be a course for you!

Leadership can't be taught, but we can try!

Just Enterprise Leadership programmes link the theoretical elements of leadership, communication, roles, and responsibilities, to the everyday practice of social entrepreneurs and managers. Concentrating on peer support and learning techniques, the programmes help learners identify key areas to develop skills, experience, and confidence to lead a team and focus on organisational growth. We offer start-up and leadership programmes for leaders in existing social enterprises.

Supported by the Scottish Government there is no delegate fee

The majority of our workshops are free and our longer (2 to 12 day) leadership programmes are offered at a heavily subsidised rate. Apply directly for one of our events or contact Just Enterprise now on 0141 425 2939 for more information.