Just Enterprise Procurement services are designed to assist enterprising third sector organisations to successfully participate in tendering for public sector contracts and capitalise on the opportunity presented by the adoption of community benefit clauses by procurement agencies. Support is provided in 3 forms and is available to third sector organisations, or groups of organisations who can demonstrate the growth potential, or the capacity and capability, to participate in public sector tendering.

Just Enterprise will work with public sector agencies to encourage and promote the use of Community Benefit Clauses and to raise awareness of the impact they can have. The programme will also work with third sector organisations to increase understanding of the opportunity that CBCs present. Support will be delivered by Just Enterprise and our partners Ready for Business.

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Development Support

Tendering for Contracts Workshops

Development support is designed to help third sector organisations win more competitively tendered public sector contracts either as individual organisations or through collaboration. Support will be provided by Just Enterprise business advisers to individual organisations or groups and will include assistance with capacity and capability development, identifying tenders, costing, planning and completing effective bids.

Tender writing workshops have been designed specifically for the sector and are offered at an introductory and advanced level. The content includes topics such as where to find opportunities, procurement terminology, key stages in the process, legal frameworks, what buyers are looking for, how to differentiate your organisation and how to refine a bid. The workshops will include practical elements and will be delivered by Just Enterprise advisers and guest speakers from the procurement community.