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Just Enterprise Start Up workshops are designed to teach budding social entrepreneurs all the basics of setting up a social enterprise - from legal structures, branding and marketing to business planning. Attendance at the workshops will help participants develop a robust business proposition whilst addressing a social or environmental need within their community. Delivered by experienced Just Enterprise Start Up advisers, the workshops are offered free of charge and include practical exercises and activities that allow delegates to interact with each other and ask questions.

Social Enterprise Information Session

If you are wondering what exactly a Social enterprise is, or are just thinking about starting one, the Social Enterprise Information Session is the place to start. In a supportive atmosphere and working with a small group of like-minded individuals, our advisers will talk you through all the basics of what a social enterprise is (and what it's not!), how it works and whether it is right for your idea.

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An Introduction to Social Enterprise

This workshop outlines the social enterprise scene in the UK and Scotland. After this workshop you will have a better understanding of the different sectors (charity, voluntary, social enterprise) and how they differentiate from each other. You will also acknowledge the range of skills, knowledge and aptitude needed to run an effective social enterprise.

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Legal Structures for Start Ups

There are many potential legal structures that you can adopt for your start up social enterprise. Ensuring that you choose the right structure is paramount for your organisation?s future success. The workshop will allow you to gain a practical understanding of the wide range of legal structures suitable for your project, governance issues and more.

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Getting Your Message Across

First meetings and the opportunity to promote your business are critical at a new start level. This is a hands on peer group based session where participants can practice their pitch for real and receive feedback to improve their approach.

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Branding & Marketing

The more you understand your customers, the more easily you will be able to approach them and bring in money for your enterprise. This workshop makes no apologies for having a direct business focus and explains how having the right approach to sales, branding and marketing will have a positive effect on your cash flow.

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Cash Flow Planning

At an early stage, cash flow is one of the most critical elements of new business planning. This workshop will illustrate and explain the importance of cash to your social enterprise as a way to grow and survive. The workshop will cover the main elements of preparing a cash flow forecast, including working with a cash flow template specifically tailored to the needs of a start up social enterprise.

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Planning & Delivery

This workshop pulls elements of the previous workshops into a plan with which to move ahead. Formulating a business plan is one of the most important tasks when setting up any new business. It will help you to set targets, collate ideas, plan for the future and provide a check to see if your business is realistic and workable. It is also an essential tool in attracting funding to help you get off the ground.

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Fine Tune Your Social Enterprise

We all know that starting and running a business means juggling many issues and challenges. You have to look after your customers, finances, sales and more! But have you taken the time to put all the business basics in place? Do you know your pensions responsibilities, how to measure social impact, what funders look for? If you would like to find out more about the above questions, then come along to this one day workshop and leave informed and confident that you have all your basics covered to sustain and grow your social enterprise! There will also be the chance to network!

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Skene House Rosemount, Aberdeen Thursday 2nd November 2017 11.00 a.m. To 5.00 p.m Apply Here

Build Your Social Enterprise in a Day

This workshop will start by helping you understand what a social enterprise is and if it’s right for your idea.  It will cover the different legal structures you can adopt, pros and cons and the skills, motivations and attitudes that can help you to make it a success.  The workshop will then talk you through a business plan template including all the basics you need to get right to launch your idea and get the support and buy in from potential customers, the community, funders and other stakeholders.

The workshop is divided in two sessions; you can choose to attend the whole day or just one of the sessions depending on the stage you are at.

The full day course would suit individuals thinking about moving a business idea forward as a social enterprise or those at an early stage. For those who are already familiar with the concept and have decided on a legal structure, the afternoon course will help to accelerate the start up process by working through the business plan template.

The morning session covers an introduction to social enterprise, what it is and what is not, examples of existing activity in Scotland. It will explain how social enterprises balance their social and commercial objectives and it will help you decide if it is the right path for you. It will give you an overview of legal structures available to social enterprises, from a simple company limited by guarantee to a SCIO.

The afternoon session covers working through a social enterprise business plan, including looking at key aspects such as marketing and sales, identifying a target market, defining your products and services, etc. You will also work with the facilitator to create cash flow projections for the first two years of an enterprise.

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